ProMax Auto Parts Depot Limited

ProMax products are engineered to the highest standards to provide maximum safety in every situation

ProMax Auto Parts is a North American manufacturer and distributor of automotive aftermarket products. Our proven product offerings consist of disc brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, brake drums, and chassis parts.


ProMax products are engineered to the highest standards, to provide maximum performance, durability, and safety in every situation. Our products meet or exceed OE manufactures highest quality and design standards.


ProMax has become world-renowned for brake parts that are innovative, dependable, and safe. Encompassing many markets worldwide, we are a proven global leader in today’s automotive aftermarket.


Whether you are cruising along the highways or are in stop-and-go city traffic. Our products deliver superior performance in a wide range of driving and weather conditions. Your safety, and vehicle performance, are always our utmost concern!


We are committed to providing first to the market product coverage, with the highest quality available, to meet competitive industry standards. ProMax is a company that will always ensure to you, we are providing you the best choice of product to fit your driving needs, while never compromising on “Quality” …